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Care Advocacy & Coordination

Tier 2

In addition to the Tier 1 services listed above, members have access to the following benefits.



A. Patient Advocacy

Senior Support Advisors and our Provider Network, collectively advocates for members receiving medical care. For example, when a member is hospitalized, trained and experienced advocates are despatched to the hospital making sure they receive all necessary care and can communicate with the healthcare professionals as needed.

In addition, we can provide the hospital with patients’ medical records and advanced directive information, while ensuring that the designated family members are kept up-to-date on important medical developments.

Senior Support Advisors  can also make sure that patients’ receives the appropriate support for all important bills to be paid while they are in fact hospitalized, and upon arriving home, assistance can be provided to help them navigate their insurance claims afterwards.


B. Accompany Clients to Physician Appointments

Senior Support Advisors shall communicate with the appropriate Provider to coordinate experienced senior advocates, who will personally accompany clients to offsite physician appointments, taking notes, raising any special concerns, and advocating on their client’s behalf.

It is the goal to ensure that patients leave the appointment with all their questions answered and their care instructions clearly understood. We also communicate the results of the visit to appropriate medical specialists and to the designated family member.


C. Concierge Companions

We can match residents with Concierge Companions who share the interest(s) of the client and can address their particular needs.

A client who loves the arts, for example, might be paired with an arts aficionado who can take his/her to exhibits.


D.  Patient-Family-Facility Communications

We can consult with clients, families, and facilities throughout their stay and/or at the time of discharge to help resolve any care issues or to communicate any personal changes in a way that benefits the client and provides “peace of mind” to the family.


E. In-person Monitoring

Families have the option ot receive periodic check-in for their loved one – particularly if they are home-bound or have had recent medication management concerns. The team will take the extra step to navigate and coordinate through our preferred providers that these visits occur, and also to make sure all needs are being met by the collective efforts of all the healthcare professionals involved in the care and delivery of services to our client.


This Tier is subject to additional charges.

Please consult with our professionals for further information.

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