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Senior Support Advisors represents a new model for delivering value-added services to your residents, at little or no cost to you. Residents may sign up individually for membership. Alternatively, you may opt to offer your residents a pre-paid membership to SSA, as a meaningful way of distinguishing your facility and attracting new residents.


Senior Support Advisors can help your new residents and their family members cope with the transition from independent to assisted living, and to make a successful adjustment to living in your community.


When residents are hospitalized, we can help them make a smooth return to your facility whenever possible, by helping them understand their doctor’s post-discharge orders, accompanying them to follow-up appointments, making sure they adhere to their medication regimens, and keeping all their healthcare providers “in the loop”. 


This level of follow-up care and support also reduces the risk of re-hospitalization.


SSA is committed to providing seniors that highest possible quality of life, and, whenever possible, the ability to age gracefully in place.

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